Ikebana Vases Make the Arrangement

How Important is The Vase to the Ikebana Arrangement?

Ikebana is the art of Japanese flower arranging. It is an ancient art that is still very popular around the world and in particular Japan. When deciding on the type of arrangement the practitioner of Ikebana will plan the design and what flowers to use to achieve the look they are after. The Ikebana vase is also a very important part of the final design and should be considered very carefully when planning.

There are many different types of containers which are especially designed for Ikebana flower arranging but the Ikebana enthusiast should not be limited to these only.  It’s always fun to use your imagination and seek out objects in your environment that might work with your flowers. Baskets, kitchenware, watering cans, unusual glasses can all be used to great effect. Be sure to consider the shape, size, color and and texture so that the Ikebana vase  matches the intended floral materials.

When selecting the Ikebana container you must consider everything that will surround the arrangement as well such as the situation where it will be displayed. A small table would call for a small delicate vase whereby a lobby area with a dramatic arrangement would be better suited to a large dramatic container.

The containers used in Ikebana can be made of all types of materials from stoneware and pottery to glass and basketry. The Japanese bronze sunabachi is also a magnificient vessel for a dramatic arrangement although not affordable for everyone since most of them are antique and quite pricey. This is an image of a traditional Sunabachi….really lovely.


Japanese Sunabachi

The school of Ikebana chosen will also have some determination about the Ikebana container you use. Each school has it’s own rules and most people select a style from one of the schools and study within it’s guidelines for many years.




Should You Engage an SEO Expert for Your Website?

Wasting money on web design and no search engine optimization!

Many companies spend a small fortune having a beautiful website designed and developed. They put a lot of effort into the content – pictures, descriptions of the business, history, etc. After that they wonder why customers can’t find the website and no one calls them as a result of seeing the site on the internet.  They feel duped by everyone who told them they needed a website and then blame the developer because no one can find the darn thing. The problem is that they hired a designer/developer (good) but didn’t follow through by hiring an SEO expert. What? they say. No one told me about this. That’s because a lot of web developers only work on the look and structure of the website and know nothing about search engine optimization.

What is SEO anyway?

In short SEO is making sure your website is set up properly (site architecture) and has the keywords that people will be searching for in the content ( a plumber in Altoona should have the words plumber Altoona, Altoona plumber and variations in the content on the site). Why is this? Because those are the words that a potential customer who has a broken pipe and lives in Altoona is going to search for online or in their smartphone.

Black hat techniques…bad!

In addition to those keywords and the site set-up you need to be sure the site is in compliance with all the Google rules about SEO. There are many rules and there are many so-called “SEO consultants” who think it’s ok to use black hat techniques to get a website ranking in Google. It’s not. SEO is not a magic formula but there are guidelines that Google sets and it is important that you use a professional like Greenville SEO experts when you decide to engage a company to help you get found online.